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Phil Jackson: Career in Review

Last week, NBA analyst Steve Kerr told Chris Russo of “Mad Dog Radio” that Phil Jackson’s strength was more motivational than “X’s” and “O’s.” Throughout his coaching tenure he would find ways to get into his players, opponents, and referees … Continue reading

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Keep Mike D’Antoni?

The question should not be whether the Knicks keep Mike D’ Antoni for next season, but whether he is the right person to get this team to a championship level. Since Donnie Walsh took over in April of 2008 the … Continue reading

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Baseball Hall of Fame Ballots 2011

I would say my ballot uses statistics, intangibles, and the eye test. Although I don’t deny the use of PED’s I don’t penalize since I don’t know enough about pharmacology to do so. Roberto Alomar: Short of the magic 3,000 … Continue reading

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Adam Dunn, Jayson Werth and Contract Stratification

The free agent spending explosion has come as a surprise to me. The last two years the hot stove churned until Valentine’s Day as players such as Manny Ramirez, Adam Dunn, and Bobby Abreu had to settle for short term … Continue reading

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Ted Lilly’s Contract

In a vacuum Ted Lilly‘s 3 year/$33 million dollar deal is a good contract. Over the last four years Lilly has won 54 games, pitched to a 3.68 ERA, and an ERA+ of 121. Additionally, he’s pitched 175 plus innings … Continue reading

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The Knicks and Carmelo Anthony

Although the thought of pairing Amar’e Stoudemire with Carmelo Anthony is enticing, it can’t be done at the expense of gutting the roster. After ten years of a rudderless ship, the Knicks appear to be headed in the right direction … Continue reading

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New MLB Calendar Rules

Very rarely do we use the term “little guy” when it comes to pro athletes.  In baseball the average player earns about $3 million dollars a year, making it difficult for the common man to relate to the issues that … Continue reading

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Michael Vick, Philly QB

The Michael Vick saga hit home for me personally. First, as a dog lover, I can’t imagine another human being treating animals in such an inhumane way. I am not minimizing some of the other transgressions in sports – sexual … Continue reading

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Isiah Thomas = Seven Years of Famine?

The Case of Isiah Thomas is one of the most frustrating sports periods in New York history. Ironically, Zeke has been tied to the organization much longer than seven years as the “non deal” for Thomas back in 1994 might … Continue reading

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The Downfall of the Mariners

The Seattle Mariners offense has been bad. So bad that every National League team has outscored them. Going into games of August 10th, the M’s have averaged 3.25 runs per game. At that pace, they will score 527 runs which … Continue reading

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